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Music Technology 5365

"Technology is best when it brings people together." 
Matt Mullenweg
Cartoons in the Air

Click on the Balloon Image to view my string orchestra arrangement of the "True Love's Kiss" scene from Maleficent the movie! The brief arrangement is for grade 2.5 string orchestra. A recording of it is below. Enjoy!

- Rachel




True Love's Kiss - MIDI arr. by Rachel Friedman
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Below is a sound file of my audio project called "FSU Chiefs meet the Beatles." I created it in my computer's Audacity program using clips of my favorite tracks that are edited with special effects including wah-wah bar, cross fades, speed & pitch modulations, and fade outs. 

FSU Chiefs meet the Beatles - Arr. by Rachel Friedman
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Unstoppable is a short rock song that I wrote in the Audacity computer program using a midi keyboard and integrated sounds. Enjoy!

-Rachel Friedman 

Rachel Strings

Unstoppable - by Rachel Friedman
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